The Partners

DemNet (Foundation) – Hungary

DemNet works for creating a democratic civil society in Hungary and other developing countries. It aims at strengthening non-governmental organizations, increasing their role in the society, and contributing to their sustainability. Through its grant-making and grant-distributing activities, DemNet provides financial resources to NGOs, and through various projects contributes to the empowerment of civil society organizations. DemNet places a special emphasis on supporting community initiatives, and considers cooperation, transparency and professionalism as basic principles in its supporting policy. 

European Institute of Cyprus

The  European Institute of Cyprus (EIC) was founded in 1996, after mutual agreement between the Republic of Cyprus and the European Union, as an independent and an autonomous institute.  The Republic of Cyprus in cooperation with the European Union desires to take all necessary measures to facilitate the attainment of the objects of the Institute and at the same time the maintenance of free research, training and teaching.  The Institute’s fundamental mission is to constitute the main vehicle that will promote the study and information on matters related to the European Union.

 Slovene Philanthropy

Slovene Philanthropy, an Association for the Promotion of Voluntary Work, was established in 1992 and aims to promote and develop voluntary work and solidarity between people.  Besides promoting voluntary work as a positive opportunity, our core activities are: connecting individuals with organizations that need volunteers, training volunteers and supporting civic organizations to further develop voluntary work. Slovene Philanthropy is also very active in the field of immigration. Within the organization is the Centre for Psycho-Social Assistance to Refugees, which helps asylum seekers and separated minor refugees, and supports the integration of refugees into society. Another part of the organization is the Centre for the Promotion of Health, which aims to help people whom, due to a variety of reasons, cannot even afford basic health insurance.

 CSDF – Romania

 Civil Society Development Foundation is a nongovernmental, independent,  non-profit organization founded in 1994, with support from the European Commission. CSDF supports the development of the civil society organizations. CSDF is actively involved at both national and European level in the public dialogue between civil society and authorities, and between national and international organizations.

 JTI – Estonia

The Jaan Tõnisson Institute is a non-profit, non-governmental research and training centre, founded on April 17, 1991. Arranges research programmes, training seminars, courses, workshops and information services for teachers, politicians, governmental and local authorities and members of non-governmental organisations. Having a long lasting experience with non-Estonians integration, JTI has started to work also with the integration of asylum seekers, to cooperate and develop contacts with relevant organizations inside the country and in the world.


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