Events and Activities

17 October 2009, World Poverty Day – SOS Malta was at the Plaza Shopping Centre in Sliema raising awareness on Poverty and the Millennium Development Goals.

22-24 October 2009:The European Development Days
The European Development Days is a flagship event which showcases the EU’s continuing and enduring commitment to development. The fourth edition of the European Development Days was hosted in Stockholm, Sweden, on 22-24 October 2009.
The European Development Days are a yearly event hosted jointly by the European Commission and the EU Presidency.
The European Development Days bring some 4 000 people and 1 500 organisations from the development community together on an equal footing. Delegates from 125 countries are represented, including heads of state and leading world figures, Nobel prizewinners among them.
The event aims to make development aid more effective, to build a global coalition against poverty and achieve the Millennium Development Goals. Through frank and sometimes controversial debates on pressing issues, such as governance, poverty and environmental sustainability, the European Development Days provide unprecedented opportunities for sharing ideas and launching innovative partnerships. Medip Malta was showcased at the event.
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25th November – 18th December 2009: MEDIP Transnational Exhibition at La Gallaria (AIDCO), 41 Rue de la Loi, Brussells.

1st December 2009 (World Aids Day) 18h00 – Roundtable Discussion and screening of the MEDIP documentary at St James Cavalier Cinema, Valletta

As part of the MEDIP project, SOS Malta held a Roundtable Discussion at the cinema of St James Cavalier to commemorate World Aids Day. Here the MEDIP documentary, focusing on the Millennium Development Goals, was screened. The documentary was produced by PBS for SOS Malta and was filmed on a recent fieldtrip to Uganda.

5th January 2010: 8.30pm – The MEDIP Documentary – Crying Out For Development will be showing after the main news of the day on TVM.


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