Millennium Development Goals out of reach

Millennium Development Goals out of reach
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Current Affairs — 15 April 2010 — 09:55CEST

Figures released by the OECD show a reduction in EU overseas development aid in 2009, prompting an NGO confederation to fret that at the Millennium Development Goals might not be reached.
CONCORD said that current levels the EU would not meet commitments to provide 0.7 per cent of GNI in aid by 2015 to reach the Millennium Development Goals.

CONCORD is the European confederation of Relief and Development NGOs. Its 24 national associations and 18 international networks represent over 1,600 NGOs which are supported by millions of citizens across

“The news represents yet another broken promise by EU governments and delivers a further blow to the MDGs, which will be reviewed in New York this September,” it said.

Germany and Italy, two major European economies, cut aid to 0.35 per cent and 0.16 per cent of GNI respectively, taking a big chunk out of the total EU aid budget. Several other EU countries, including Austria, Ireland and Portugal also reduced their aid expenditure in 2009, In all EU countries’ which give development aid saw contributions falling by a total of 0.2 per cent.

The UK and Belgian governments increase aid while the top performers are Denmark and Sweden, who spent 0.88 per cent and 1.12 per cent of GNI respectively.

CONCORD calls on EU member states to publish legally-binding timetables showing how they will meet their aid commitments, submitting them to the European Commission during 2010. An annual review of aid targets should take place at Council level with a discussion of its results in the European Parliament.


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