Millenium Development Goals

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set clear and precise targets for achieving the commitments made in the Millennium Declaration whose objective is to accomplish them by 2015.  In Malta, there are a few organizations working in different ways to achieve the MDGs – however there is little awareness among the general public about these Millennium Development Goals. Development awareness is about increasing awareness and understanding of the issues and the realities that many people living in developing countries face.

Most of these goals are interrelated/linked, in that the achievement of one makes it possible or easier to achieve the others.  For example solving extreme poverty and hunger (goal 1) has a direct link on achieving universal education (goal 2) and the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women (goal 3).  Due to poverty and hunger many children are excluded from school, the children’s income from labour is needed and the families cannot afford to send them to school as a result.  Basically, children are missing out on education due to poverty and hunger and in the case of girls because of gender imbalances and inequalities. Research has found that the education level of mothers and household wealth have an impact on, the eduction of child mortality (goal 4) and improvement of maternal health (goal 5).  An educated woman is an empowered woman who can make informed decisions for example to limit or space her children and take care of herself and others. Goal 6 combating HIV/Aids, Malaria and other diseases is also linked to goal number one and number 2. Since there is no cure for Aids, prevention is of paramount importance, but once infected nutrition plays a big role. But most people in developing countries know too little about HIV in order to protect themselves, and once there is poverty and hunger the problem is magnified. Goal 7 Ensuring environmental stability can be achieved using natural resources wisely and preserving these resources on which our survival and that of future generations depends on.  This can only be achieved when greater attention has been given to the plight of the poor and through global collaboration and support. The rural poor are the most affected because their day to day subsistence living mostly depends on the exploitation of the natural resources around them. Primary achievement of the MDGs lies solely with the policies put in place by the developing nations’ government themselves. Although goal 8 Developing a Global Partnership for Development -is the only goal that addresses the role of the (wealthy) developed nations.  The last goal – global partnership for development – is about the means to achieve the first seven through forming of alliances/partnerships with less developed countries in order to meet and fulfill the MDGs.


~ by medipmalta on May 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Millenium Development Goals”

  1. I have found this a very interesting read. The analogy of the goals and how they are interlinked was very good and well thought through.However I was left with the question – How is MEDIPMALTA intending to help achieve the Millenium goals? The Last sentence in the article “The last goal – global partnership for development – is about the means to achieve the first seven through forming of alliances/partnerships with less developed countries in order to meet and fulfill the MDGs.” I Malta forming alliances with developing countries to achieve these goals or is is MEDIP one of those NGO’s good at talking and not delivering anything tangible. What are you doing that is measurable that will enable us to see you have partnered and thus achieving the MDG?

    • MEDIP is not a NGO but a European Union funded project being run by SOSMalta to raise awareness of the MDG’s through interaction with the media in the partner countries. One of the ways we have raised the media awareness is by targeting key players within the media fraternity for training about the MDGs, their rationale and implications. The media is one of the biggest tools we can use for disseminating information on the MDGs; therefore training of journalists is of paramount importance. Another way we have used to raise media awareness has been to host a field trip to Uganda where journalists can see poverty and the implications for developing countries if the MDGs are not fully realized.
      One of the tangible deliverables for this project is six thirty minute documentaries detailing the field trip and the MDG. Each partner was asked to target one MDG and to document what they saw in Uganda in regards to their relevant MDG. The documentaries will be shown on the public broadcasting channels in each country and set of documentaries will be available to schools, politicians and other interested parties. The DVD’s will be officially screened at the EDD day, Brussels and to our respective government agencies to raise awareness of the plight of people in extreme poverty.
      Your comment about the last MDG – global partnership for development can only be achieved if developed countries partner with developing countries. To take this one step further there needs to be a partnership not only between developed and developing countries but between governments, the private sector and civil society is the MDG are going to be recognized and fully implemented. One of the outcomes of the field trip to Uganda was the establishment of the mushroom cultivation project. This project has the potential to provide an income for the growers as well as providing food for themselves and their families. This is one practical example of SOS Malta’s work in developing countries. For more information about our organization please visit the website at

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