Charity or Development Partnership?

Maltese may be asking their government what connection European aid
programmes have with what is happening to least developed countries. Development, which is, derived from foreign policy concerns in the real world and the challenges they present, is not likely to be sustainable over the long term, unless all stakeholders are committed to it. The history of more than half a century of foreign assistance to third world countries demonstrates this. We now realise that civilised life depends crucially on transforming the impoverished regions of the world. Some less developed countries would now prefer to be engaged as strategic partners of the developed countries on development programmes than being part of the charitable enterprise of some wealthy countries. When they sense the strategic value of their countries to the survival and well-being of the developed countries, they know that the developed countries cannot afford to let them fail. The relationship that is on offer is one of partnership, not dependency. And it is the relationship that they clearly prefer.


~ by medipmalta on May 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Charity or Development Partnership?”

  1. Is your article suggesting that MEDIP is working at developng partnerships or has MEDIP already engaged in partnerships with the developing countries and which countries and in what areas? How successful has been these partnerships if you have any? What lessons have you learnt out of them?
    The article is great, interested to know, how tangible you are making these ideas to be.

    • MEDIP is an EU funded programme that has been developed to raise the awareness of the media and wider communication of the Millennium Development Goals. MEDIP consists of partner organisations in Malta, Romania, Cyprus, Slovenia, Estonia and Through the MEDIP project, the partners have engaged with Uganda through a field trip with media people and representatives of the partner organization. The field trip exposed the delegates to first hand experience of poverty and to the need to of ensuring the Millennium Development Goals are achieved. After the trip each partner’s delegation will be developing a 30mins documentary about a particular MDG. These documentaries will be aired on national television in each member state to highlight and bring awareness of the MDG’s and the MEDIP project. One lesson learnt as a result of the field trip was that Africa is receiving development aid but unfortunately this aid is not always benefiting the most needy or the most disadvantaged people. It is hoped that with the raising of awareness of the MDG by media people that the wider community will better understand what the MDG are and the urgency of reaching the MDG targets for some of the poorest people in the world

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